Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The giving holidays are coming!!!!!!!!

I am raising money for a little boy who has a muscle disorder. His family has to install ramps and widen doorways to get a wheelchair to go through their house. There are to holidays that are coming up that talk about giving. Thanksgiving in the USA and Christmas all over the world. For thanksgiving we are thankful and give thanks to those around us. For Christmas we give gifts and receive gifts. In fact Christmas is about giving!!!!!!!!!! How about this holiday season we give a gift to someone that will make a lot of difference. My pastor uses this quote very often:

"You do not need a nuclear powered back scratcher thats at the store. You can save that money and put it to good use!"
Thank you so much for those who have donated so far!

Only 32 days 15 hours and 9 min till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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